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Joseph P. Robinson.

I’m not so sure why this became an area of collecting but it is growing.  The Germans got into a large amount of propaganda obviously, but one of the “series” was Fräulein Feldgrau.  These were young pretty girls in feldgrau uniform that I suppose had a sort of pin-up purpose. No nudity involved, just pretty faces.  This is a family site and no, the turn of the century Germans would not go off the deep end. There were other “series” to include Fräulein Leutnant, and pictures of noble women in the uniforms of their regiments. We will try tp bring you these pictures and add as things come available.

From the collection of Brian Kostel, these old CDV’s show women with fake mustaches and beards. 

Royalty also had uniforms. The first biggee that got a lot of play was Viktoria Luise, the Kaiser’s only daughter. She lived to a ripe old age and was very popular as Vicki. She had a hand in writing many books including The Kaiser’s Daughter.  Her signature was freely distributed in her older years. Shown below in the iniform of her 2nd Lieb Hussar Regiment.

The Crown Princess — Cecile was described in the McDonough book as ” The only man in the Hollerzoleran household.” A lot of her pictures were with Vicki showing off her role as Chief of the 8th Dragoons. 

This is Alexandra the Great Duchess of Mecklenburg – Schwerin in the uniform of her 8th Grenadiers. Collectors would go nuts to see the rosettes on this unique helmet but the busch covers all.

The wife of August Wilhelm (one of the Kaiser’s sons) as Chief of the 14th Dragoons.